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Finding a trustworthy, knowledgeable HVAC contractor can sometimes be a difficult task. You worry about costs, product quality, and who exactly is going to show up at your door. With Cunningham Mechanical, LLC, these concerns disappear. With over a decade in the HVAC industry, as well as being locally owned and operated, we aim to provide you with expert services completed with quality, American-made products, in a timely manner. You will know exactly who your repair technician is, and never have to worry about inflated prices.

Signs You May Need HVAC Repair or Replacement

Don't Overlook These Three Key Symptoms

HVAC issues are usually obvious: your heater or furnace suddenly stops working in the middle of November or your business's commercial refrigeration system begins to rapidly increase in base temperature, thus ruining your stock of food. However, there are some HVAC dysfunction symptoms that are not as apparent. Here are three signs that you may not be aware of that indicate your HVAC systems needs attention.

  • Higher energy bills - If you suddenly notice your energy bills have skyrocketed without any drastic change in your thermostat settings, your HVAC system may need to be repaired or replaced with a more energy-efficient product.
  • Overly dusty home - If you are constantly cleaning your home with no relief from dust and allergens, your air filtration system needs filter replacement or cleaning.
  • Fluctuating temperatures -If your HVAC system is old or not functioning properly, you may experience fluctuating temperatures from one room to the next. You may have a problem with your ventilation or duct system, and should consult an experienced HVAC contractor for a full inspection.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Cunningham Mechanical, LLC today to schedule your free HVAC estimate!

Residential HVAC Repairs & Installation

Keep Your Home Happy and Healthy

Whether your furnace or A/C has suddenly stopped working or you notice that your heating system isn't keeping up with the weather, Cunningham Mechanical, LLC has you covered. By providing expert HVAC services ranging from simple repairs to complex installations and replacements, we aim to keep your home the healthiest, most comfortable place for your family. We proudly offer professional A/C, heating, ventilation services to the residents of Cumberland, Frostburg, La Vale, Grantsville, MD, Ridgeley, WV, and surrounding areas of West Virginia!

Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Services

Maintenance, Repair and Installation For Your Cumberland, Frostburg, La Vale, Grantsville, MD & Ridgeley, WV, and surrounding areas of West Virginia Business

Business owners understand that the functionality of their HVAC system is a vital part of their business's success. Cunningham Mechanical, LLC understands this as well. We offer competitively priced, expert commercial HVAC and refrigeration services to keep your business going with minimal downtime. From basic maintenance and single component repairs to full service installation and replacement services, Cunningham Mechanical, LLC does everything right, the first time!

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